The first congress of, for and for theater spectators, who are art and part.

The International Congress of Theater Spectators aims to call spectators to regain their leading role in the value chain of the performing arts and rethink their future role.


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Every project, artistic action or contemporary creative process must be affected by social values such as equity, cultural diversity and social inclusion, environmental sustainability or respect and knowledge of different languages, customs and cultures.


Participation means having an active role and getting involved in all the different roles that can be given in any performing arts project, from participating in the design of the projects themselves, the programming of the spaces, in the creative processes, in the dissemination and communication, or in development, management and financing.


Eliminate the limits in the roles, in the sectors, in the disciplines, dialoguing with other fields, not only cultural, but also scientific, social, anthropological or philosophical, including topics as important today as the relationship between culture and health, tourism , education, sport or cultural mediation, in order to share, understand and generate new spaces for dialogue. Més de 50 espectadors convidats de 25 països, de tots els continents, es trobaran al I Congrés Internacional d’Espectadors de Teatre per intercanviar experiències internacionals remarcables que situen els espectadors teatrals a l’eix vertebrador de l’activitat teatral.

At the same time, the Congress is open to theatergoers in general, cultural managers, creators and artists, representatives of public administrations, researchers, consultants, the university community and curious people interested in audiences and the performing arts.